I saw a city where people woke up
Just to punch themselves all day long
And their mothers, fathers and brothers and friends
People ate food from the trash and they paid for it
People bled everytime and swore it was victory
Blind by the ideology

They exchanged expansive presents with no emotion
But couldn’t see that doens’t matter the package’s beauty
What’s inside is always a knife in the back

In that city people jumped off the 20th floor
Cause it was less painful than thinking

You love loving, not your lover

My walls are filled with poems about you
Trying to explain how your eyes shine brighter than the moon
How your sking is more comfortable than petals in water
And how nature has failed to create something to compare to your soul
I embrace the pain in my heart, I secretly enjoy my tears
I feel Romance taking my strenght away, without finding resistence
Our story is beautiful, in my mind
Our hair mix gently, im my mind
Our souls are sew together, in my mind
“I know you love loving, not your lover”, you once said.