I’m in love with a dying woman

I followed her and
I followed her
I followed her barefeet, whispering in her ears songs that I learned in the asylum
I followed her as the whole crowed followed her
But I was the only one who got special kisses at night
I’d stop when she’d stop, and I’d see everything in nature
And I could never find any comparasion, cause everything was dead and she was alive, alive
She had so much life, such a magnificent light
That would scare and hurt me and I would lick my blood
She was so talented that I knew, sometimes, she would get stuck in an ethical dilemma about taking what was hers or leaving it for the people she loved
I followed her hidden of her sight, when no one else did, and I saw her take for her the life of three of her men, bath in their blood, grab their bones
She said she didn’t care about the electric chair
I have done everything I can,
I have done everything I can for my dying woman