Everyone and everything is a humiliation
Whoever doesn’t put me on an altar is humiliating me
I can’t invest in anyone
My rage and my sorrow they are not maneageble
There’s no negociation
They keep growing up and showing up whenever they should not

I’m always in a hurry and always scaring people, making them run away
They are cowards anyway
People never know the right time to leave
They keep following you like a pretty pot of glue when you want them to fuck off and
They go away when you need them most

I can’t invest cause it never worth it
I won’t answer you cause I’m afraid you wouldn’t answer me someday
I’ll be left alone and its killing the rest of me
I’ll never fit in so I’ll pretend I’m not hoping for the rope


Beat it

Can you imagine the pain of having an unbreakable heart?
And when I said “Nobody breaks my heart” I wasn’t bragging
I was confessing
One of the most shameful aspects of my tart soul

Your eyes are pure pain
My skin is all dope
And, you know, I really love you, I fucking love you, I really do
It’s an impure and ugly love but it’s the only one I’ve ever felt
I’ll never fucking say one single kind word to you
Because I know you like me too, you really like me
And I
I always make sure of pushing the good things away from me
Nothing good ever stays with me, baby
You can take your proof just by looking at my belongins
I’ll fuck your mind with my odd way and I’ll fuck your heart
Cause I’m an Icy Queen
So take your time and beat it, beat it, beat it, baby.


Oh, it’s a sad world when a girl has to buy her own cocaine
It’s an awful life when you’ve betrayed all of your friends and you only go out alone
Drinking alone and giving fake numbers to jerks cause you can see through they heads
Such numb days when you have no faith in humanity
And you don’t seem to have place with the human race

Well, I’m a spie with nothing to report
I’m a heartbreaker who gets tired after the first question
I’m a pathetic hope cause I’m hopeless
I’m a friend who holds the rope

I want to know when I’m gonna pay for all theses mistakes cause I wanna be dead already
Shitty head that makes me kick her out
That girl, oh, such a good girl
God, I was idealizing her just yesterday
I can’t have a normal conversation
I can’t show up without showing my suicidal desesperated soul
Oh, it’s tiring
It’s annoying to live in this human carcase