I’m drinking and I’m sick
But even if I wasn’t drinking I would be sick
There’s possibly frozen vomit where should be my brain
And doens’t matter how many people try to save me
I’ll always be falling
And doesn’t matter how many people stand up for me when I fall
Cause they will always be a few steps ahead of me

And I’m sorry if I’m always telling the same things
It’s just that
I have a department for sickness that never goes empty
And I’ll always have to deal with the words I can’t catch
And I’ll always be isolated from the things I need
Just give me back my lighter
I’ll be sure to be far away enough so you won’t be able to steal my new one
Stop fucking stealing the shits I need if you can’t replace them
You didn’t choose me and that was the best choice you could have made

You know

Well after a long time I finally talked to you
And you were very polite, very sweet
But nothing else
You were just polite and you answered my two phrases with another two phrases
And it’s sad because
I could really write a whole album for you
A movie with all the stars and billion dollars
You know, I could draw you and fill a whole gallery with your face and your clumsy body
You know
I could really turn into an alcoholic and a drug addicted and a fucking depressive-suicide girl for you and truth is, I think I’m on the way
I could really turn into an alcoholic and a drug addicted and a fucking depressive-suicide girl for you and I would find it very poetic
Some of these days I’ll sleep on the streets for you and maybe I’ll die in the middle of the road for you and it will be very artistic
You know
I really don’t care for myself
I don’t give a shit about myself and you know, it’s good, it’s really awesome because
I don’t think you give a shit either and at least we have this in commom


Here it comes again
It’s tearing me apart cause I can’t feed it
It’s trying to grow up
But it won’t
And yeah, I’m suffering cause I can’t complete it
Cause in the end, I’ll always be me in this life
I’ll always be in a cage that is my soul
I wish I could sleep forever
So you could see me
Whenever you wanted
And I couldn’t say any of the rash things I always say to you

In our hermitage, I would build a room for you
So you could flee me
Whenever you wanted.

Catel Collet’s Daughter

She had so many lovers she didn’t love anyone
She looks in the mirror
Am I pretty? Am I pretty?
Everybody said she was the most beautiful girl they’ve ever seen till they know her
Am I pretty? Am I pretty?
I have a Dorian Gray’s Picture inside of me

And sometimes I cry and feel this pain in my colorless heart
And I feel like stabbing it
But I’m too pretty to die!

Dance, dance and dance, dance to the radio
Make the rotten go out by your pores when you dance and dance, dance to the radio
Find a partner
A handsome and rich and smart partner
A handsome and rich partner
A handsome partner
Find a partner
Who’s not dead yet