The death of your heart

She says I left her

And she stands on that lovely pose

Waiting for me to kiss her and touch her hair

She waits for a “sorry, you know I love you”

But she knows I’m just loyal to my own

I was so used to you that I almost believed that love was all I could feel

But it could not be me without my apreciation for amoralness

She lays by my side and she says she wants to start a new begin

And I’m just here, thinking about how destruction is more beautiful than every single creation

She wants me to fade to my soul, but I keep quite enchanted

The death of your heart, oh, the death of your heart

That stagnation was the cause of the death of your heart

The death of your heart

You saw that sneaker on the flower

You saw the window without the names

The doors without gray

You saw your skin without shade

I see the sea without shape


Don’t think twice, cause I’ll shoot your head

I wish I haven’t done anything for which you could call me a coward

Where’s my childish ways now?

But hey, don’t think you have the right to point a finger on me and call me selfish already

Don’t come here throw your truths and try to dress me out with what I am

I can’t break the truth, I don’t believe in truth

I built my own reality

Very tart and sometimes shapeless, I admit it

It was made so that I could fit in it

Silences are better than empty words

A connection would be pretentious now

It never again will mean more than it means now

You don’t know that your words are blue

Because they are nothing but misguided lies

It’s not like I wanted to re-start

I wish I had never started

You’re pulling me out of this

But you don’t want to save me

You just want someone to puch

I gave up on you for so long it shouldn’t hurt anymore

I just wanna let it go

I do make sure not to wake up

So you can’t knock me down again

You go backwards on your words

And they still make sense for yor

But only for you

Não está fazendo sol

Lá está ela, o amor da minha vida

E eu até confundo o nome dela

Não sei se a amargura ou as drogas que eu tomei

Mas meu amor, alguém levou embora todos os nossos momentos bons

Não sei onde os tinha deixado

Onde está a bebida que eu mandei você guardar, querida?

Quantas vezes eu vou ter que dizer que preciso dela desde que você se foi?

Nossas mãos estão tão sujas, sujas, sujas

Colonial furniture

Colonial furniture has never been so clean

Every breathe I take is like fire comming into my nose

Behind all this pain there’s nothing

I’ve checked it out

Don’t you lie to me

I’m used to lies, I’m a liar

I know liars very well

I wanted so bad to get out of it

I cry for it, I ask for it

There’s nothing after this, believe me

I came back

They attacked us when they didn’t have anyone to attack

You don’t even know all about

The best punishment is myself

What they want to know is me

I did not want to do

Swear and don’t believe

Swear and don’t believe

Swear and don’t believe

Cliche has never been so true

At first, I already knew it would end like this

Floating has never been so lucrative

Kill a little bit to get more

I though it was built to worth it

When will they stop to pretend it’s ok?

I refuse to let you go

If I print all your pictures and make this my paperwall

Would it make me miss you less?

It hurts and it’s wrong

I refuse to let you die inside of me

I refuse to let you fall

Come on

Buy your remote chances

Do you remember how I was the only one who really knew you?

How I knew you were a monster

But it didn’t stop me loving you more and more?

I could lost everything

But I refuse

Come on

Take your deathly breath and let me refuse

If I put somebody else in your place

Would it make this shit stop just for a moment?

Your smile is so fragile

It’s like it could break in a million of pieces anytime

I just wanted to be there to keep it on your face

Hold you and never let this cruel world hurt you

They can’t hurt you

You are mine

And I refuse to let them get closer to you

I could fix this

I could

Oh I refuse

I have this wish of driving my hands into my soul just to comprove you aren’t there at all

Or to push something away

Shake it or try something to make it hurt less

How many times do I have to hear your recorded voice to remember how it was for real?

Just One More Broken Person In Your Life

I’m a liar

Can’t you see it?

I’m trying to run away

So why don’t you lock the door?

Love you so badly, but I can’t do what I said to you 5 minutes ago

Want to be around you so much, but I can’t stand fighting against my failure gene

I’m so blind I couldn’t see it if it was true

Would be like fighting for peace

Like telling to live life because life is good

Can’t you understand me?

Can’t you see that I’m the rotten and you can’t fix me?

I’ll leave you because that’s what I do

I’ll lie to you because the truth would break me

Truth is empty

Truth is empty

I’m sure you’ll forget me in 2 days

But before, please tell me what I can do to forget myself at least for 2 minutes

I’m so deft I couldn’t be in silence

Sit here and drink some milk with me

Lay here until I sleep


It’s so cold and empty like your soul inside

Feeling desesperated, I’d rather go to hell if I knew how than being here

It’s not like your eyes would make me feel better, so I lost everything I had

I believed in nothing, now I have nothing

I hated small things, now the smallest things have the control of me

I’d go deep inside, find what I wanted, I’d fight until I died, but honestly, I don’t know what to search for

And suddenly, I’m fucking afraid and I don’t know what I m afraid of

If I could just stop

But life doesn’t forgive me, and keep moving on even when I m not prepared.

Im not even fucking there!

I’d like to scream, but I don’t have voice enough for this anymore

I’d like to run away, but I don’t know any safe place

I’d like to be a coward, but I don’t have anything to give up on

I got nothing, I became nothing.